Giftset lavender candle

Perfect hostess gift for any occasion or self-indulgence.

Consists of:

1x Candle

1x Soap

Note which soap style you would like at checkout or be surprised

150,00 kr.

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Sælger Email : contact@emiliomaison.com

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Emilio Maison


We are a newly started business with roots in Odense, Denmark.

All our products are handmade from ingredients, all made to be the best choice for you as well as the environment.

Our limited edition candles are made in up-cycled unique vintage cups. To continue the idea of up-cycling and reusing you can send back your cup and saucer back to us for a refill.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us on our Instagram account or by email

– Emilio Maison

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